• The Silence of Herondale BotM

    The Silence of Herondale

    Newly re-issued this month is Joan Aiken's gothic classic THE SILENCE OF HERONDALE, featuring a foreword from no less than Amanda Craig. Edgar Award-winning Aiken is an institution in the gothic thriller genre and THE SILENCE OF HERONDALE celebrates its 50th anniversary this year so why wait longer...discover it now!

  • Gothic Moor

    Murder Most Gothic

    Let Murder Room author Deborah Valentine act as your guide as we delve into the darkly atmospheric world of Gothic fiction – from its genesis in the 18th century to modern-day masters such as Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

  • Alleyway

    Welcome to The Murder Room

    Come in, take a look around and browse our selection of crime classics. Whether your vice is detective, noir or thriller, we have authors to suit all criminal leanings.


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Snow-covered fields and moors stretch away on all sides of Herondale House. Despite rumours of an escaped killer on the run, Deborah Lindsay knows that she must control her terror - she has a young charge, 13-year-old prodigy Caroline, to care for. But the isolated Yorkshire farmhouse already holds the terrible secret of one death - and an increasing number of sinister 'accidents' lead Deborah to wonder how long it would be before evil strikes again ...