• Femme Fatale

    Female Detectives

    Introducing Elizabeth Ferrars' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, described as 'the writer who may be the closest of all to Christie in style, plotting and general milieu'.

  • Book of the Month

    A Little Gentle Sleuthing

    Meet Melissa Craig, the modern day Miss Marple, and the intrepid female sleuth of Betty Rowlands' novels. Read A LITTLE GENTLE SLEUTHING for only £2.99 in November.

  • Longmire Horse

    Craig Johnson

    Sheriff Walt Longmire, the 'tall in the saddle' hero of Craig Johnson's western mysteries, returns to the small screen – series two of LONGMIRE is now showing on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5USA. And you can catch up with Walt and his partner Henry Standing Bear in Craig Johnson’s bestselling novels, available from The Murder Room.


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Crime novelist Melissa Craig flees London, her agent and her over-protective lover to take refuge in the Cotswolds and produce bestsellers in peace. But a series of bizarre phone calls leads her to a young journalist convinced a real crime has been committed. When a corpse is discovered under the leaf-mould in woodlands, professional curiosity gets the better of judgement. And in the course of her investigations, Melissa finds that the truth is stranger than her own fiction.