Welcome to The Murder Room

. . . Where Criminal Minds Meet


Crime fiction has always held up a mirror to society. From the Victorians' fascination with sensational murder and the new science of detection, to our current obsession with the forensic detail of violent death, no other genre has so captivated and enthralled readers.

As you explore The Murder Room, be prepared to encounter the most famous detectives - and criminals - of their time. Meet the genteel amateur private eyes of the Golden Age and the femmes fatales of pulp fiction; the morally ambiguous hardboiled detectives of mid-twentieth-century America and their descendants, who walk our twenty-first century streets.

Such has been the evolution of the genre from the earliest detective fiction that Sherlock Holmes, the iconic detective, would surely be astonished to find himself keeping company with the likes of Rebus and Bosch. And no doubt surprised, on further analysis, to discover that they have much, not least their integrity and intuition, in common.

The realities of commercial publishing are such that vast troves of classic crime writing are unavailable to all but the most dedicated frequenters of second-hand bookshops. The advent of digital publishing means that we are now able to bring you the backlists of a huge range of classic and contemporary crime writers, and establish the largest single resource of crime fiction in existence.

Welcome to the home of crime. Welcome to the Murder Room.